Food on the move

Travel, especially an early flight, can wreak havoc on plans to eat healthily. Usually I try to choose the best of a bad bunch of airport/plane food options, but generally arrive at my destination feeling a bit manky and wishing I’d made different choices.

I decided to try a different approach on a visit to Berlin last weekend.  An early flight meant a very early wake-up call. Usually this means I crave a huge cup of tea and a croissant once I clear airport security and have time to catch my breath. Instead I brought my own snacks with me for the first time ever.

Granted this is a bit more hassle and requires a bit of advance planning, but I was hoping it would make me feel less sluggish and more like myself when I arrived, meaning I’d be all set to enjoy my weekend away.

I brought a homemade blueberry and chia seed muffin with me. I made a batch of these a few days before my trip, using a recipe from Donal Skehan’s new cookbook, Fresh.  With oats, banana, blueberries, chia seeds and not too much sugar, these muffins are filling and tasty. They are not something you’d eat every day for breakfast, being more of a treat, but still feel like a healthier option than what I’d usually grab on the go.

Blueberry & chia seed muffins

Blueberry & chia seed muffins

Skehan’s book is one of favourite recent foodie offerings. The food is healthy, without being boring. It’s inventive, without being complicated. And there aren’t too many awkward ingredients to figure out.

Anyway, back to the flight. I also brought a bag of berries and nuts, and a couple of fruit tea bags (in the hope that I could get  a cup of boiling water on the flight – kindly they obliged).

The verdict? While I still really wanted the tea and croissant (I’m just not great at being awake pre-dawn!), I definitely felt less sluggish for bringing my own snacks on the flight.

I’m not sure how practical this would be for a longer trip, but it was certainly worth the effort to try to stick to some sort of routine.

Any good ideas for snacks that travel? Share your ideas in a comment.



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