Lunch on a sunny day

What a day it was in Dublin today. Sun splitting the rocks all day. After working on Saturday, I was off today and it really was a lovely day to not be in the office.

A long run in the early afternoon nearly killed me, given the heat. So I wanted a healthy lunch on my return, but didn’t want something too heavy because it was so warm. I decided to have a go at making fish cakes.  I didn’t follow a recipe but cooked based on what was to hand.

I boiled some spuds and popped some salmon in the oven to bake. When the spuds were boiled, I dried them off, and mashed them and then added the salmon (flaked with a fork once baked).

Next I added some finely chopped parsley and coriander, the juice of half a lemon and some crushed garlic. Some salt and pepper, and some dried chilli flakes were next, and finally I used a beaten egg to bind it all together.

The most awkward bit (well not awkward so much as messy) was making patties. Prepare for sticky, fish-scented hands. Once the patties were ready, I lightly fried them in some coconut oil. I used coconut oil because I had some and I find it doesn’t smoke as quickly as some other oils. But another oil or a bit of butter would work too.  Oil is oil!

Once golden and crispy, I served them with a wedge of lemon and some sweet chilli sauce.

Fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce

Fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce

The finished product was very tasty, but I think if I make them again I’ll add some diced onion to the mixture for a little extra flavour. I’ve a few fish cakes leftover, so am going to try reheating them for lunch or dinner over the next day or two, with a simple green salad. Hopefully today’s efforts in the kitchen will free up some time later in the week.

I’m not great at batch cooking, but am trying to get better. It is handy to know there’s food in the fridge that is healthy, tasty and ready to eat after a quick ping in the microwave.


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