Things are looking rosy

I don’t have green fingers. Herbs run for their life when they see me, despite my best efforts to coax them to take up residence in a lovely yellow window box that my mum gave me.

The only plant I have ever managed to keep alive is an orchid, which I’m happy to report is still going strong two years on (I’m not quite sure how!).

Cut flowers, however, I can manage. I love having flowers in the house, as it makes it feel instantly fresher. And flowers can make a lovely addition to the table if you have people over for food.

These gorgeous white roses were a gift, and look really pretty trimmed down and displayed in this old jam jar. And just the right size for the centre of the table too!

Every kitchen tells a story

A kitchen is more than just a place to eat and prepare food. It’s a place of memories. A home for mismatched pots and pans, well-thumbed recipe books, and all the other trappings of someone who loves to cook.

I’ll admit it: I’m a kitchen hoarder.

I can’t resist the lure of new cooking-related stuff. My latest purchase was a set of food rings, which are due to arrive from Amazon any day now. I’m childishly excited about the prospect of making perfectly-formed mini cheesecakes (why is it that miniature versions of things taste so good?!).

Food can evoke memories, but so too can the various accoutrements you acquire when you enjoy cooking and baking. Much as I love treating myself to new bits and bobs to try out in the kitchen, some of my favourite kitchen stuff has been around for years.

There’s the big serving bowl I bought for a few quid when I first moved out of home that was the only serving bowl I owned for years. It’s a bit sad-looking these days after many dishwasher outings, but still makes me smile when I see it and reminds me of very cobbled together dinners for friends.

I also have a set of chopsticks that I bought for myself in a market in China, a memento from my first solo trip abroad. The chopsticks are probably utter tourist tack, but I like them all the same. I always mean to use them more, but never seem to get around to it.

Then there’s the beautiful vintage tea stand that was a gift from a very lovely friend a few years ago. It used to live in a kitchen press but now it sits by my kitchen window, because I decided it was too pretty to hide away.

Another of my favourite kitchen lodgers is a gorgeous blue and white patterned serving set that my granny gave me. She had the spoon and fork set for years, but very kindly gave it to me a couple of years ago as she thought that I might make more use of it.

Much as I’d love a sleek, modern kitchen with perfectly matching cutlery, the odds and ends I’ve acquired over the years will always be part of my home, and part of my history.